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CXK, the leading independent careers advice charity, has welcomed the opportunity to work in partnership with Skills Training UK and their partners since the launch of the Youth Contract Positive Directions Programme in September 2012.

Skills Training UK and the Youth Contract provider network deliver a vital mentoring service at the point of entry for vulnerable young people who are NEET. Skills Training UK have been very supportive in welcoming CXK as a new delivery partner in their network. This co-ordinated approach has ensured all young people aged 16/17 who are seeking to re-enter employment with training or education have had access to support.

Skills Training UK is continuing to build its delivery network and CXK are delighted to be a partner.

Sean Kearns - Chief Executive

Wheatsheaf Trust

Wheatsheaf Trust has been working with Skills Training UK on the Progress! programme for troubled families and the Youth Contract.  Skills Training UK has a committed and enthusiastic staff, and a genuinely participative approach to their supply chains. They give us a degree of freedom to deliver the service in the way that we know best, which is not always our experience with other Primes.

Jonathan Cheshire - Chief Executive


Southern Water

Our whole business is changing and Skills Training UK is helping us drive that process of change. They understand our business and have worked with us to make the BIT programme an integral part of Southern Water’s people development strategy. The Trainer Assessors are equipping our teams with a tool-kit of knowledge and skills which can be applied in any situation to improve how things are done. What’s also vitally important is that they are flexible to our 24 hour operational needs and are patient in fitting the training around shift patterns.

Pam James, Head of People Development


The training has empowered the staff to know that they can contribute, whereas before the culture here was ‘well, you’re the manager, you come up with all the ideas – that’s what you’re paid for.

Craig Bainbridge, Production Manager


The Business Improvement Techniques training works for us as it complements our internal quality improvement programme. I was impressed by how well Skills Training UK were able to identify our business needs straightaway and have worked with us to tailor the training around our busy periods.

Diana Srinivasan, Business Partner in HR

World of Books

The partnership with Skills Training UK has been very successful, we have been delighted by the enthusiasm of our staff to take on the Apprenticeships and see it as a great step forward for the business and for our employees' individual development.

Steven Boobyer, Managing Director    

Youngman Group

As a result of Skills Training UK’s excellent guidance, I’m confident that we’re now offering our customers an even better level of service, which is really important. I know that all of the team is now working to a recognised, professional standard and that this has greatly contributed to the continuous improvement within the department, which is increasing our customer satisfaction all the time.

Mark Phillips, Customer Service Manager

Harness Care

As long as Skills Training UK is here then I’ll be here offering opportunities to the young people.

Graham Bostock, Director     


I was looking to employ someone and the Traineeship for Industry allowed me to see the trainee work and see how keen they are. I was really impressed with Damian’s attitude and took him on as a Trainee Saw Doctor. He’s fitted in really well and I can see that Skills Training UK have really listened to what employers want.

Tim Willis, Director


At Sargents, we are always striving to do better and so the continuous professional development of our staff is a major priority. I am delighted that we have developed our Apprenticeships programme which will help us ensure that all our staff have the skills and the discipline we need to provide our customers with truly excellent service.

Mark Rousell, Managing Director

Thames Clippers

The nature of our work is pretty unique, our Apprentice staff can often be scattered all over London. Skills Training UK have demonstrated a great understanding of this and have developed an extremely flexible programme to fit in with our way of working. We have dedicated assessors who come out to meet the staff wherever they are based, whether stationary in Greenwich, or floating beneath Tower Bridge!

Richard Coonz, Customer Service Manager

Wembley Stadium Store

We have a great working relationship with Skills Training UK.

Alex Dixon, Retail Operations Manager

West Midlands Media

As a tech company that work some of the biggest brands in the UK, we need to ensure that our new hires ‘get’ the culture of our company and the standard of work we deliver to our clients. Raj (from the Skills Training UK Apprenticeship Academy) took the time to fully understand our business and what we expected from a potential apprentice… and within a week she provided us with a fantastic candidate- one that was really keen to learn, develop his skills and become top coder. The service has been great from initial contact through to when Dan (our new apprentice) joined us. There isn’t mountains of paperwork to fill out and the process is as simple as it possibly can be. We would definitely recommend Skills Training UK to any business that is thinking of taking on apprentices.

Shaun Owen, Communications Manager - West Midlands Media.   

Ice 7 Media

We have taken lots of apprentices on in the past through various different colleges and agencies. One of the main drawbacks we have found with other companies is that the apprentices have to leave the workplace every week or leave for a block placement for a week every couple of months. This has been a drain on time and resources for both us as a company and also on the apprentices as they struggle to get in to a steady flow, especially when they are managing individual accounts.

When we spoke to Skills Training UK they explained that there process was different and that the apprentices do the majority of course work at their workplace, immediately this made us want to speak to Skills Training UK.  

The whole process of employing an apprentice with Skills Training UK has been hassle free, easy and time saving compared to other training providers. Previously we have interviewed 10+ students for a role and found the level of candidates were poor and unqualified for a position with us .We were recommended 3 students that would be suitable for the role and all of them certainly were, if we would've needed 3 new apprentices we would have offered them all a job. The student that we have taken on has done very well thus far. Refreshingly, Skills Training UK have spoken with us as a business about the best modules for the students to take to aid their career with us and genuinely want the best for both the student and business.

I would have no hesitation in recommending a business to take on an apprentice with Skills Training UK. 

Craig Upton, Director - ICE7Media

FE Colleges

Northbrook College

Northbrook is proud to be working in partnership with STUK on a reciprocal basis which has allowed both organisations to support a seamless offer and a range of progression routes to its clients. As a result the partnership has enjoyed high levels of success.

Northbrook looks forward to further expanding its work with STUK to ensure future Government priorities are met and to build upon the success achieved to date.

Anne Feldberg

Jane O’Neil, FE College

 The partnership has been successful with Skills Training UK delivering a portfolio of Level 1 and 2 short qualifications to unemployed adults referred through Jobcentre Plus. Success rates have improved over time and currently average 94% across the portfolio.

Skills Training UK have proven to be a high quality delivery partner who are flexible to meet the demands of both their learners and the employers they work with.

Jane O’Neil, FE College - Interim Principal and Chief Executive

Funding Authorities

Department for Work and Pensions

Skills Training UK have delivered Progress! the ESF Families Programme across the South East, which has included working with Jobcentres and their customers.

 As the ESF Manager for the South East, I have worked closely with Skills Training UK to understand their ESF Families Programme delivery model to maximise the support available to Local Authorities, Jobcentre Plus staff and their customers.

Throughout this Programme, we have faced many challenges together, but with careful planning and a robust communication strategy we have persevered to deliver essential support to families in the South East, who have faced entrenched worklessness for generations.

Wendy Knighton - Group Senior Provision & ESF Manager



We were just doing things day-in day-out how we’d been told to do it. Now we’ve learnt Kaizen and completed the training, it’s making things a lot easier at Filon.

Paul Carney, Supervisor Storeman


I really enjoy the training - I’ve learned so much about different processes and work flow and how to be more efficient. I’m more aware of how to limit defects and improve quality now, which makes doing my job a lot easier.

 I’m much more confident now and encourage my department to meet regularly which has been really helpful in improving communication and time planning. Otherwise we rarely get a chance to sit down and talk as a team because of the shift patterns. The training has helped me to see that things can be improved all the time and that communication is really important.

Rita Vaicikauskaite, Shift Leader

Wembley Stadium Store

Since the start of the Apprenticeship I have gained a full understanding of the importance of having excellent customer service in the work place. The training with Skills Training UK has enabled me to develop as an individual and increase my understanding of the retail industry, which ultimately is going to enhance my opportunities for career progression within the FA.

Martin Wooldridge, Retail Supervisor

World of Books

World of Books and Skills Training UK working together has offered me the chance to gain formal qualifications which will help me in working towards a successful career in Team Management.

Colin Fullard, Assistant Warehouse Manager

Youngman Group

During the training I was promoted to Team Supervisor and the training has really helped me cope with that transition. I was really impressed in the way that Skills Training UK really took the time to get to know us both personally and what our jobs involved so that the training was really relevant. I’ve learnt so much from the Trainer Assessor, he’s been a great mentor, and I’d really like to continue to Level 3.

Lisa Walsh, Customer Service Team Supervisor

Local Authorities

Hampshire County Council

Innovation and cross-sector collaboration are vital elements to transforming public service delivery. Through our partnership working with Skills Training UK, Hampshire County Council is maximising the use of available resources to sustain and extend services that are transforming the lives of young people, their families and communities.

Phillip Walker - County Manager (Post-14 Learning)

Children's Services Department, Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight Council strives to work collaboratively with its local providers. Skills Training UK fully endorses this partnership approach and we have established an excellent working relationship aiming towards a common goal. This work has enabled the NEET Youth Contract to be run successfully on the Island reducing our NEET figures substantially below the national average. We are delighted to be working in partnership with Skills Training UK.

Andrew Briggs - Commissioning Manager for 14-19 in Education and Skills - Post-14 Learning

Prime Contractors

Jobcentre Plus

Ealing Jobcentre Plus is the biggest office in West London: we always need ESOL and ICT courses and have had a huge increase on claimants who would benefit from your training centre. Skills Training UK is always a first choice for the excellent delivery of training with hands on tutors: location is very important and the fail to attend rate (on your courses) is very low. Many of our claimants have now secured employment as a result of participating and training in your Work Skills, ESOL and ICT courses.

Sonia German - Lone Parent Team, Jobcentre Plus

Prime Contractor, SSU

Staff are experienced, knowledgeable and supportive, enabling learners to develop their knowledge of new subjects and overcome difficulties in their learning. Excellent use of real life examples and the tutor’s own experience in the observed Work Skills session supported development of learner understanding of sales promotion methods.

Prime Contractor – Skills Support for Unemployed

Prime Contractor, SSR

Learner feedback and staff observation systems that monitor and improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessment are strong. STUK captures rich feedback from learners by conducting forums and requiring learners to complete surveys.

Prime Contractor – Skills Support for Redundancy

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