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Ramsay Rubber streamlines their productivity through BIT training

“We have a mature workforce and that comes with huge benefits, but it can also mean that employees become conditioned in their ways. The BIT training has made the workforce more open to new ways of thinking about how to improve their efficiency and Skills Training UK have provided excellent guidance – I can already see the benefits!”

Paul Killeen, Managing Director, Ramsay Rubber

Ramsay Rubber is a leading firm in the West Midlands with 40 years of experience and development knowledge. It specialises in manufacturing die-cut parts, supplying high performance lightweight materials for sealing and thermal/acoustic applications to OEMs nationally and internationally.

Product quality and innovation is essential for Ramsay Rubber to stay at the fore-front of their industry and they achieve this via advanced controlled manufacturing processes and assurances. With over 50 employees headed up by Managing Director, Paul Killeen, the company strives to make sure it remains focused and determined on meeting the demands of the industry and their clients.

Skills Training UK has been working with Ramsay Rubber since 2015, delivering Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) Apprenticeships, a 12-month bespoke training programme. The training focuses on health and safety, teamwork, workplace organisation, continuous improvement, visual management and finally problem solving.

The specific workplace organisation and visual management training have resulted in a large saving for Ramsay Rubber in both time and money. Skills Training UK with Ramsay Rubber identified one key area for improvement, where two jobs could be moved into one continuous process on one machine. This has resulted in the company saving 108 hours of production time annually, equivalent to just under £3,500.

“We’ve found since starting the training, the workers have been much more interactive - they aren’t afraid to ask questions and instead of them being individuals at their stations it’s much more of a team feel now and things run a lot smoother. I feel this process has been invaluable to the company and the employees who took part.”

Ian Maydew, Operations Manager, Ramsay Rubber


Learner case studies

Pete Jones, Marketing & Customer Relations Manager:

“Skills Training UK has been really helpful in aiding me to identify areas of the business for possible improvement which otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed. There was one area of the factory that always used to get clogged up, but after we rearranged some of the automatic machines, everything ran a lot smoother. Without the help from Skills Training UK, we wouldn’t have seen this problem.”

Dave Slyde, Production Manager:

“As Production Manager, I was asked to help the guys through this course. I didn’t think I’d get much from it as I’ve been on training courses before. However, I felt like I learnt so much with the help of Skills Training UK, especially about management techniques. They also helped me to design a capacity plan and a formula to analyse the data - this has increased productivity and efficiency massively and I’m so grateful to them.”

Dave Haynes, Operator:

“By taking this course, I have refreshed the skills I thought I had lost and my organisation is so much better. When the work comes to my station, I’m able to just get on with it instead of having to search for the right tool or piece of material - it has saved a lot of time! Skills training have been so helpful to all of us and more importantly they connected with us as individuals and that really makes a difference.”