Success Stories

Since the Academy opened at the end of April 2016, we have found employment for over 20 apprentices - get in touch with the team and be part of our success! 


Nicole Przeplata

After some careful consideration, I decided that I wanted to take the Apprenticeship route after completing a year at sixth form. Balancing between sixth form and my part time job, I realised that I preferred work as oppose to school. The fact that I could work whilst gaining a qualification was also appealing to me. I began applying for several Apprenticeships, but Skills Training UK particularly caught my attention. Louise Palmer, the learner engagement, contacted me within the next few days regarding my application and invited me for an interview the following week. The feedback from my interview was almost instant, so I was really happy with how fast paced the process was. I was invited to join the Academy on their Fast Track programme, which supported me into moving on to an Apprenticeship. I completed a 3-week work placement at the Academy to get a feel for what the Apprenticeship might be like. I was then offered the Apprenticeship position with Skills Training UK as a Business Administrator.

I have been with Skills Training UK for just over two months now and would recommend them to anybody looking for a high quality Apprenticeship. The dedicated team of Academy staff are all really supportive and have a lot of experience with helping young people obtain Apprenticeships, so if you’re looking to apply for an Apprenticeship through Skills Training UK, then I wouldn’t hesitate!

Dan Reeves

When I started applying for apprenticeships, I must have applied for at least 25-30 without hearing anything. I then stumbled across Skills training UK and after doing a little bit of research I immediately applied for an apprenticeship with them. Within 2 days I received a phone call asking me for an interview that same week. After the initial interview with Sue Gidman she explained that there may be a job suited to my skillset. After sending my CV across to her she rang with in 5mins saying that they would like me to go in for an interview that Friday.

The following Tuesday Raj emailed me saying that they really liked me and she is having a meeting with them. The next day I received a phone call from WMM saying that they would like to take me on as an apprentice. The speed of getting the job was extremely quick, the whole process took just over a week, I was very impressed with how fast Skills Training UK got me the apprenticeship

Raj was very nice and enthusiastic about getting me a job which gave me confidence, she also kept in touch making sure that I was okay and telling me about workshops that were happening to help me.  The overall experience was fantastic; I would recommend Skills Training UK to anyone looking for an apprenticeship!

The job that I have is an apprentice web developer with West Midlands Media (WMM), I have been here for 3 days and have learnt more in that time than a year of doing it on my own. I was given an HTML & CSS tutorial that was so helpful and has given me more confidence in myself, I now hope to begin a long and rewarding career and I can thank Skills Training UK for that. 

Oliver Matthews

I joined the Skills Training UK Academy to fulfil my potential within marketing. I had recently completed my AS levels at sixth form but wanted that something more. I loved the idea of being in the workplace yet gaining qualifications at the same time. I enjoyed my business studies course and particularly enjoyed marketing as it was my strongest point. I joined the academy to do digital marketing and was given all the guidance and help I needed when being put forward for interviews, using software and just general questions about working life.

I went for 4 interviews within a week and was offered 3 second interviews! I was very impressed and also excited about what was in store for my future! After weighing up my options, I decided to take the Social Media Apprentice offer at Ice7Media in Birmingham. The atmosphere is brilliant in Colmore Row and I'm really enjoying the work which I am doing, I have now realised that hard work and commitment does pay off. Skills training really helped me find the perfect apprenticeship, I'm doing something which I enjoy and something which I am great at for a living! Thank you Skills Training UK

Patryk Parzsuto

I was working as a chef in a restaurant when I saw Skills Training UK’s advertisement for the Apprenticeship at IT solutions. I have always wanted to work in IT and I was so interested in the advertised position I contacted Skills Training UK to find out about it.

They introduced me to the Apprenticeship Academy and the training involved in doing an Apprenticeship. Skills Training UK helped me to develop a good CV and prepared me for the interview with the IT company. I was thrilled to get the job! My career aim is to be a network architect and I am very excited to begin my dream job and be training at the Apprenticeship Academy.

Laura Haynes

Skills Training UK was the choice I made over all other providers because It gave me reassurance and confidence that I would get the support and guidance I need to get to where I would like to be in my life. It is also a nationwide training provider that is very popular and has engaged with many young people and the results are amazing! It was the best decision that I have ever made.

The ‘Fast Track Apprenticeship Programme’ allowed me to greatly develop my skills, qualities and reach my full potential. The programme consisted of 2-5 weeks of personal development training at the University of Wolverhampton Science Park followed by 3 weeks of on the job work experience in my desired apprenticeship. I was interested in a vacancy at a Law Software company to do Digital marketing and Social Media and was excited about the opportunity!

I was provided with interview preparation sessions to fully prepare me and shortly after my interview I got a call from Skills training UK to confirm that I had successfully secured the apprenticeship. My future aspirations are to be a Digital marketing and Social Media Department Manager and to be working in a well-known business. 

Danielle Foster

I first came to Skills Training UK wanting to learn Business Administration. I have only been here for a week and have learnt a variety of skills such as: Interview scenarios, Interview Questions and Practice Interviews.

I now feel more confident and prepared for interviews and am able to confidently use Microsoft Office word, excel and power point.

After just a week within Skills Training UK’s Fast Track Programme, I have now been accepted for an apprenticeship within Business Administration! This would not been possible without the help and support of the Skills Training UK team.

Luke Cadman

I started with Skills Training UK on the 5-6 week Fast Track Apprenticeship programme where I was able to greatly develop my functional skills and learn how to use and apply my skills to Microsoft Office.  I also completed a selection of workbooks that helped me to improve my interview techniques and teach me how to present myself professionally in the workplace.

I recently had an interview for a Digital Marketing work placement and am due to start with the company next week!  I have really enjoyed my time at Skills Training UK and would recommend them to anyone looking for an apprenticeship!


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