Work Based Learning Providers in London

Many London businesses are currently growing and recruiting new staff, but skills shortages are a problem for employers across the capital and further afield. However, work based learning providers Skills Training UK can help firms both to provide staff training for current employees and to recruit new trainees and apprentices to provide the skills they need. 

Need for Skilled Staff in London

Surveys have consistently shown that there is concern among organisations based in the capital over a lack of skilled staff. In the September 2015 CBI/CBRE London Business Survey, more than a quarter of firms taking part flagged up the need to promote apprenticeships and improve skill levels as a key priority for the new London Mayor.

A survey the previous year found that employers were unable to fill 23% of all vacancies across London because of the difficulty in finding applicants who had all the right skills. Around 45% of firms also then said that some of their existing staff did not have all the skills they required. The UK Commission for Employment and Skills warned this whole issue was a threat to business, and needed to be tackled to avoid affecting growth.

How Training Can Provide a Solution

If you run a London company struggling to find staff with the right skills, using work-based learning providers Skills Training UK can give you the answer. We can work with both existing and new staff, to build the expertise and knowledge which are needed for your specific sector and business.

Our employment training is bespoke and tailored to your requirements. This means we initially talk to you about your priorities, so that we fully understand the needs of your operation. Skills Training UK works with employees across a range of business and industrial sectors to enhance their abilities, leading to NVQ Level 2 or 3. We will also explore with you whether Government funding is available.

Providing employee training programmes means that not only can you equip your existing staff with the skills they need to do their current jobs better, but also equip them to take on new responsibilities, meaning there is less need to go outside to recruit.

Traineeships – Geared to London and National Business Needs

As well as training existing staff, Skills Training UK can also help you to find both trainees and apprentices. Traineeships are designed for young people aged between 16 and 24, who take part in both classroom learning and placements in industry. This will equip them with skills they need for work, and also bring benefits to employers.

Hosting trainees means you are bringing highly motivated young people into the workplace and allows you the chance to see how they work with your existing team. Traineeship placements can help businesses to find individuals who would be suitable to take on as apprenticeships, as well as helping the young people, by offering an ideal route into work-based training.

Skills Training UK runs two quality traineeship schemes, tailored to the needs of different industry sectors. Our service sector scheme has been created with a particular eye to the needs of service industries in London, and will also be appropriate for young people from the South East travelling into London, including those from Essex, Surrey, the Thames Valley and Berkshire. This scheme includes ten weeks of training at our centre in Wembley, followed by work placements. Companies who have taken part in this scheme so far include BT and Sainsbury's.

Our industry scheme, with training centres in Walsall and Dudley, helps businesses in sectors including manufacturing and engineering to find young people keen to develop their skills. This includes companies based in the West Midlands and Black Country areas, and in towns and cities like Coventry, Solihull, West Bromwich and Wolverhampton. This programme also includes ten weeks in the classroom, together with a four-week placement. We also work with other providers in different areas across the country.

Supporting Apprentices' Learning

Apprenticeships are beneficial to employers because they enable you to recruit new talent and fill skill gaps, with support from expert training providers. As a leading apprenticeship training company, Skills Training UK can help you to find suitable candidates, advertising apprenticeship vacancies for you. We will also advise you on whether you are eligible for government funding.

Our team will take your priorities on board and work out a programme suited to your requirements, ensuring that your apprentices are trained to meet your business needs. We offer apprenticeships in Business Administration, Improving Quality and Operations, Customer Service, Warehousing and Storage, and several other career areas.

Although it can be hard for London companies in particular to find and keep staff with the business skills they need, the good news is that work based learning providers Skills Training UK can help with this. There is evidence that staff who have been properly trained in-house are loyal, so you should benefit from the skills of the apprentices you train now during the years ahead.

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