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Skills Training UK is a leading independent Apprenticeships and Traineeships provider at the forefront of thinking and policy in skills, education and employability. Each year we empower thousands of young people and adults to improve their lives by developing the skills and self-belief to progress, including through the Study Programme.

We design and deliver Traineeships and Apprenticeships with employers to meet their business development needs. With our local partners we address the challenges of youth unemployment, social exclusion, skills needs, local economic development and job creation.

If you are an employer, please call our freephone number 0800 612 6224 for our Traineeships and Apprenticeships team or click here for more information.

  • Wed Oct 26 08:43:00 - Pleased to see updated government plans for #apprenticeship funding will help those from lower economic backgrounds https://t.co/GYUEntuMir
  • Tue Oct 25 13:23:01 - RT @AELPUK: Read @AELPUK Mark Dawe's response to today's @educationgovuk @Apprenticeships reform announcements here: https://t.co/ge92W42PZU
  • Tue Oct 25 13:20:34 - RT @tesfenews: Sector welcomes apprenticeship funding 'U-turn' https://t.co/3W0R3lFeHb < feat @LearnWorkUK @AoC_info @AELPUK @CBItweets @br
  • Tue Oct 25 13:19:25 - RT @FEWeek: Four changes in the apprenticeship announcements you need to know (by @NickLinford) > https://t.co/b43LhqUznf
  • Mon Oct 24 10:38:49 - School leavers need more advice on #apprenticeships. Here's some common misconceptions: https://t.co/8hMmeGMfnu @tele_education
  • Mon Oct 24 10:20:37 - RT @bobclubs: Mark Sneddon @SkillsTrain_UK is our 10 minute speaker this coming Friday @StourbridgeBoB club talking #Apprentices https://t
  • Fri Oct 21 14:39:58 - RT @AELPUK: Preserving the Apprenticeship Legacy for Social Mobility - FE News https://t.co/jMaYkObkG7 via @fenews
  • Thu Oct 20 16:25:26 - An MP has called for reform of the #apprenticeship application process to open up new paths for young people - https://t.co/HUVl1Soajf
  • Wed Oct 19 18:07:45 - RT @AELPUK: BBC News - Skilled workers 'may be exempt from immigration controls': Hammond https://t.co/k2Yq1hh1eP
  • Tue Oct 18 13:14:49 - Just in case you missed it, here is our official #Apprenticeship Academy opening video: https://t.co/ioDYsEcTkx - #apprentice #traineeship
  • Tue Oct 18 09:53:39 - RT @O_LaFatai: @SkillsTrain_UK Thanx 4 coming along to @ImperialNHS #improvementweek market place. Definitely worth continuing our discussi…
  • Fri Oct 14 15:34:00 - If you're an #employer looking to upskill your workforce, our dedicated site is there to help you learn more: https://t.co/Jhb0SZ77vV
  • Fri Oct 14 15:28:33 - RT @AELPUK: With @Apprenticeships reforms out by end-Oct, hear from Peter Lauener & Kirsty Evans @skillsfunding at #ac2016 1 Nov https://t.
  • Thu Oct 13 08:48:30 - Updated #Levy details; https://t.co/4HC1gGuLRZ - We will have our own #ApprenticeshipLevy information and guides coming out very soon!
  • Wed Oct 12 16:04:06 - Panel says UK #schools must sharpen up on the delivery of #STEM subjects - https://t.co/jtsrzEQO2w
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