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Skills Training UK is a training provider at the forefront of thinking and policy in skills, education and employability. Each year we empower thousands of young people and adults to improve their lives by developing the skills and self-belief to progress, including through Traineeships and Apprenticeships which we design with employers to meet their business development needs.

With our local partners we address the challenges of youth unemployment, social exclusion, skills needs, local economic development and job creation.

  • Fri May 22 10:50:25 - Just one month to go until the @AELPUK 2015 National Conference! http://t.co/6NktcNcdcO
  • Thu May 21 10:50:22 - Would your company be interested in hosting a #Traineeship ? Get in touch for more information businessdevelopment@skillstraininguk.com
  • Thu May 21 07:55:15 - Follow us on Google+ for interesting content about #skills, #teamwork and #leadership https://t.co/uemi12fx65
  • Wed May 20 10:50:24 - A #traineeship or #apprenticeship can start at any time - don't wait until September #careersadvice @PositiveSTUK http://t.co/y2QhWjleSx
  • Wed May 20 07:55:13 - We work with businesses in all sectors, with our own delivery and as a subcontractor. Find out more here http://t.co/1FKGtC2f4k
  • Tue May 19 11:41:19 - UK #inflation figures released today reveal the first negative rate since 1960. Read more at @bbcbusiness http://t.co/HFQc4NWpPo
  • Tue May 19 07:55:17 - We help young people into employment with the Study Programme, #Traineeships and #Apprenticeships. Read more here: http://t.co/uv2fMYEZzm
  • Mon May 18 10:50:22 - We've grown year-on-year in our offering as a subcontractor. See what we can do for you by emailing businessdevelopment@skillstraininguk.com
  • Fri May 15 11:17:11 - We have #Apprenticeship and #Traineeship vacancies in the West Midlands that expire today - apply now! http://t.co/bafUMSqIed
  • Thu May 14 10:04:26 - RT @tomstannard: Consensus at #devodeclaration that tax raising powers & governance a distraction from delivery. #Skills a better bet! http…
  • Wed May 13 13:47:04 - We're proud that our #Traineeships are contributing to the fall in unemployment in Walsall http://t.co/aDDpezafZR http://t.co/irPwrVdKCL
  • Wed May 13 10:55:23 - Good news as unemployment continues to fall http://t.co/a1ZrxP8lIM
  • Wed May 13 08:52:23 - RT @PositiveSTUK: If your company could offer work skills or placements to our learners, we'd love to hear from you! businessdevelopment@sk
  • Tue May 12 14:25:56 - We have #Traineeship and #Apprenticeship vacancies in the West Midlands http://t.co/bafUMSqIed http://t.co/EtGP7a75Vp
  • Mon May 11 14:09:58 - #school leavers: an #apprenticeship or #traineeship can start at any time - so why wait? See our vacancies here http://t.co/bafUMSqIed
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    For Employers

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    Change your life

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