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Skills Training UK is a training provider at the forefront of thinking and policy in skills, education and employability. Each year we empower thousands of young people and adults to improve their lives by developing the skills and self-belief to progress, including through Traineeships and Apprenticeships which we design with employers to meet their business development needs.

With our local partners we address the challenges of youth unemployment, social exclusion, skills needs, local economic development and job creation.

  • Tue Nov 24 12:59:29 - OECD's annual survey has found out that England has highest #university #tuition fees in industrialised world - https://t.co/1yTbml7Zyg
  • Tue Nov 24 11:17:59 - The BCC has called for chancellor George Osborne to give more clarity on the government’s new #apprenticeship levy - https://t.co/mSIIN3Z9nM
  • Mon Nov 23 11:31:10 - RT @PositiveSTUK: How will National Living Wage affect you? 54% of employers say #NLW will effect their wage bill @CIPD @resfoundation http…
  • Mon Nov 23 11:30:05 - National #Apprenticeship Week 2016 dates have been announced - @skillsfunding - https://t.co/w4CFUeGUb4
  • Mon Nov 23 11:15:27 - RT @bisgovuk: Level of 16-24 year olds not in education, employment or training fell 1.6% to record Q3 low https://t.co/l3zxm2wNxI https://…
  • Fri Nov 20 14:32:41 - RT @AELPUK: .@stewartsegal at @AoC_info conference on why ITP/college collaboration can deliver best @Apprenticeships. @FENews https://t.co
  • Thu Nov 19 10:46:07 - RT @Apprenticeships: The @Apprenticeships Large Employer Conference is taking place today! @SkillShow @TheNEC #LEC15
  • Wed Nov 18 11:01:45 - What keeps #apprentices motivated? (it's probably not what you're thinking of) - https://t.co/rm1LEVDIEa
  • Tue Nov 17 12:38:42 - RT @ApprenticeEye: Introduction to Foundation Apprenticeships (Video) @skillsdevscot https://t.co/hV0Jv48yn0 https://t.co/iVQGKDCJo6
  • Mon Nov 16 12:14:07 - How can hospitality #apprenticeships boost a company’s bottom line? Watch this YouTube video to find out more - https://t.co/Vq6ZLXQ30m
  • Fri Nov 13 10:44:24 - Nestle and Barclays become first companies to implement #Degree #Apprenticeship - https://t.co/VMAOtT1EtC
  • Thu Nov 12 12:07:37 - Could #apprenticeships save #Britain? - For a more detailed #infographic click here: https://t.co/kqlC3i3edO https://t.co/2MwUPotRcG
  • Wed Nov 11 12:28:24 - UK #unemployment rate falls to lowest since April 2008 - @ONS - https://t.co/bGpOPxL2t1
  • Tue Nov 10 15:45:31 - These successful @MeggittGlobal employees have completed #apprenticeship training with us! https://t.co/KgotRNmEmt https://t.co/1DehpWF21D
  • Tue Nov 10 10:05:13 - Prime Minister David Cameron wants to see all post-16 y/os in an #apprenticeship or #university https://t.co/HcVEHKv8o9
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