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Skills Training UK is a training provider at the forefront of thinking and policy in skills, education and employability. Each year we empower thousands of young people and adults to improve their lives by developing the skills and self-belief to progress, including through Traineeships and Apprenticeships which we design with employers to meet their business development needs.

With our local partners we address the challenges of youth unemployment, social exclusion, skills needs, local economic development and job creation.


  • Tue Feb 09 09:58:04 - The @skillsfunding agency has put aside £25mil for colleges and training organisations to provide #apprenticeships - https://t.co/UnrWpHMFeg
  • Mon Feb 08 11:36:45 - The search is on for the UK's most career-minded 16-19 year olds, the contest recognises drive and ambition - https://t.co/G7rUG4Y6Kk
  • Fri Feb 05 16:30:39 - You may be interested in starting an #apprenticeship, but what time of year can you start one? Find out here - https://t.co/kgEYvjkmLw
  • Thu Feb 04 15:42:38 - Thanks to all of our followers! 2016 is going to an exciting year for STUK, so stay tuned for our updates and news! https://t.co/FBlCkyn4aV
  • Thu Feb 04 11:31:26 - RT @GuardianCareers: Job hunting? Dust off your CV and cover letter for job success https://t.co/OeRCnC5ukm
  • Thu Feb 04 10:18:47 - RT @Prospects: Six steps to a successful #presentation https://t.co/jCyqIHTdOg https://t.co/O9rYRAdVE4
  • Thu Feb 04 10:12:09 - The Rio Ferdinand Foundation and #BT have teamed up to help young people learn the necessary #skills to get work - https://t.co/PcmzpZTXKn
  • Wed Feb 03 17:00:06 - RT @JCPBrent: Some of the reasons employers might be turning you down https://t.co/SKsH5PdMdk via @GoJobHero #Jobsearch #Advice
  • Wed Feb 03 09:26:28 - RT @TACadvice: Nicky Morgan is calling on schools to be transparent to students about their educational options https://t.co/th00wdC9au @Sk
  • Tue Feb 02 16:54:13 - MPs tell the government to talk with industry providers on giving more detail on #apprenticeship levy and targets: https://t.co/TASbuQnABl
  • Mon Feb 01 12:06:14 - The @ukces has found that more than 200,000 jobs weren't filled in 2015 because of a #skills shortage - https://t.co/1sGDhYSsfW
  • Thu Jan 28 10:20:33 - A new law, expected later this year, will make sure #apprenticeships providers can go into #schools to give advice - https://t.co/galRXjsKTQ
  • Wed Jan 27 11:55:09 - Are you registered disabled and thought you can't do an #apprenticeship? Think again! - https://t.co/JhlHro89vl
  • Wed Jan 27 10:18:56 - RT @bisgovuk: #Traineeships are a great pathway into a career - 7,600 were started between Aug & Oct ‘15 https://t.co/I5W4zftX1u https://t.
  • Wed Jan 27 10:18:48 - RT @bisgovuk: 59,700 #apprenticeships were started by under 19s between August and October 2015 https://t.co/2SELe5wfqM https://t.co/mQ3xd
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