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Skills Training UK is a training provider at the forefront of thinking and policy in skills, education and employability. Each year we empower thousands of young people and adults to improve their lives by developing the skills and self-belief to progress, including through Traineeships and Apprenticeships which we design with employers to meet their business development needs.

With our local partners we address the challenges of youth unemployment, social exclusion, skills needs, local economic development and job creation.

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  • Wed Sep 30 11:59:44 - RT @TraineeshipsGov: #Traineeships offer maths & English support to help give young people the skills needed for the workplace http://t.co/
  • Wed Sep 30 11:59:15 - RT @Apprenticeships: Proposals to develop new #apprenticeships include: scaffolding & PE Teaching assistant: http://t.co/XiDL5uSYu5
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