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Bright future for Martina with Study Programme and Traineeship

Bright future for Martina with Study Programme and Traineeship

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Southern Water counts results of training

Southern Water counts results of training

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Skills Training UK is providing apprenticeships for several health trusts. Together with our NHS partners we put patients at the heart of everything we do to create a culture of continuous improvement – identifying where savings can be made through our NHS Efficiency Toolkit.

Our apprenticeships ensure staff have the opportunities and skills to work with patients, while at the same time offering the support necessary to make small but significant changes and to share and spread innovation.

By drawing on the central theme of continuous improvement, employees develop knowledge of key techniques. Topics include health and safety in the workplace, effective team working, the principles of workplace organisation, auditing techniques, and identifying and eliminating waste.

Learners also identify and tackle three workplace related projects on quality, cost and delivery – allowing them to directly address a gap or inefficiency within their own work area and identify how it can be improved.

By the end of the programme each employee will have developed a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate that they can perform at the level described, including an evaluation of performance, project reports, and online and written assessments.

92% Merlin Standard score

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