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Apprenticeship Training Providers in London

A host of different types of companies and organisations are based in London, but the service and business sector is key to the economy and there is competition for people who have the right skills. Against this background, increasingly companies are deciding to “grow their own” skills, and looking for expert apprenticeship training providers who can work with them to achieve this.

Skills Training UK are leading national training providers and work with employers in many areas of the country, including Leicester, Stoke and South Wales. But we also have a specific knowledge of the needs of London businesses and have set up a training centre in the area offering traineeships designed together with organisations in the capital.

Apprenticeships Geared to Business

In order to help develop the skills that business needs, Skills Training UK delivers a range of modern apprenticeships specifically designed to meet priorities identified by companies. This includes Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) apprenticeships. We have provided this bespoke training since 2011, with a number of major employers taking part, in sectors including pharmaceuticals and utilities.

As well as developing the abilities of existing staff, businesses in London also need to recruit the next generation of young people. At Skills Training UK, we can help you to find candidates who are suitable for your business to train as apprentices. Whether your schemes are for new or existing staff, or for both, we can also give advice and help over funding applications.

Employees taking part in 12-month BIT courses cover a range of topics related to business improvement theory and knowledge over the first half of the year. Then, during the second six-month period, we move on to three projects related to the workplace, focusing on the key areas of quality, delivery and cost. Employees taking part work towards a Level 2 NVQ and, after completing this successfully, it's also possible to go on to study for Level 3 

Developing Staff Effectively

This type of business-focused course not only improves the skills of the individual but also helps to boost the productivity and efficiency of the company concerned. When arranging BIT sessions, we work around your operational needs, and can run them at the best times to fit in with your shifts, including those at night. Training can also be moved if necessary because of busy periods.

In-work training is in demand in London because of the skills shortage, meaning there is a need to invest in staff development to ensure business remains competitive. But companies across the UK can also benefit from apprenticeship training providers working with their staff.

As well as BIT courses, Skills Training UK also offers Business Administration Apprenticeship courses, training staff to take a BTEC Level 2 diploma with the option of going on to Level 3. This option is ideally suited to people working in fields such as admin and business support. Other business-focused courses we offer include apprenticeships in Customer Service, Team Leading and Management, which are all geared towards ensuring that staff improve the key skills needed in their organisation.

Traineeships Tailored to London Business Needs

As well as apprenticeships, another increasingly in-demand Government-funded scheme is traineeships. These are designed to offer high-quality employability training for young people who are currently unemployed, but have the potential to achieve full-time employment. In London, Skills Training UK has worked together with employers based in the area to develop Traineeships for the Service Sector.

Young people taking part in our traineeships undertake a 10-week course, based at our training centre in Wembley, which includes work to improve English, Maths and ICT skills, as well as careers guidance and learning about the work environment. They then go on to a work placement with an employer in the area.

These placements offer value to both employees and employers. As well as helping young people to build confidence and abilities, a traineeship can often lead to an apprenticeship, and help a company to acquire a new member of staff who will quickly be making a contribution to the business. Hosting trainees also allows your existing staff to get valuable experience of mentorship.

Skills Training UK is a nationwide adult learning organisation, so, as well as our London-based traineeship course, we also run a course geared to industry, which is based in the West Midlands. As apprenticeship training providers, we are also building partnerships to promote work-based training across the whole country, in areas including Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire and Worcestershire.

Contact Skills Training UK -  or call 0800 6126224 for details of how Skills Training UK can help your organisation.