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Finding Work Based Training in London

When you are setting out to find your first job in London, one of the main things you need to think about is what work based training you will receive. Being properly trained at the outset of your career is the key to your future prospects, and can help you to advance, both while with your current employer and during any future moves.

Skills Training UK provides vocational training which can help you on the path to a rewarding career, equipping you with the skills you need to succeed. We deliver government schemes as major providers for both the National Apprenticeship Service and the Skills Funding Agency, so you can rely on us to give you the quality training you need.

How Do Apprenticeships Work?

Many young people both in London and across the UK decide on apprenticeships as their best route into work. But exactly what is an apprenticeship, and what's involved in this type of work based learning?

A major advantage of apprenticeships for many young people, compared to taking other types of course, is that you don't have to pay for training, but instead can earn while you learn. The mix of learning on the job and classroom training means you gain valuable workplace experience and both practical and theoretical skills.

You will have expert support from an assessor throughout your training, and you can study towards a nationally recognised qualification. As well as on-the-job training, apprentices spend time in one of our learning centres, usually either for one day a week or by taking a longer break from the workplace for a block of study.

Types of Apprenticeship

The different levels of apprenticeship are intermediate, offering you the chance to work towards a level 2 NVQ; advanced, where you work towards level 3; and higher, working towards level 4. Whatever level of apprenticeship you undertake, you will also study transferable skills and gain Technical Certificates.

Skills Training UK offers warehousing and storage, manufacturing and retail apprenticeships. In addition to these industry sectors, we also give you the chance to become an apprentice in various other areas which go across different sectors, such as administration, customer service, and management. Our courses can last from one to four years, and have all been designed together with businesses operating in relevant industries to ensure high quality work based training.

If you are looking for a training placement, whether in London or another part of the UK, such as Bradford, Leeds or Bristol, Skills Training UK can help to match you with apprenticeship vacancies which are right for you. We also provide apprenticeship training for people who are already in work. If you are interested in this, you could approach your boss, or alternatively you could get in touch with a company you are interested in working for and suggest that they get in touch with Skills Training UK to set up an apprenticeship scheme.

Starting Out with Traineeships

Do you feel you need more training before you go about applying for an apprenticeship? If that's the case, a traineeship could be a good option for you. Traineeships, which involve a shorter period of time compared to apprenticeships, are becoming increasingly popular.

These free training courses for unemployed people aged 16-24 can be very helpful if you have been out of work for a while or have little workplace experience, and aren't finding it easy to get straight into an apprenticeship. One key advantage of a traineeship is that it gives you a placement within a workplace, offering valuable experience and the opportunity to see whether this type of work is what you want to do. You can also get a feel for whether this particular organisation is right for you and you are right for them, before possibly going on to apply for a role as an apprentice.

Skills Training UK offers two different traineeship schemes, both giving you skills which are in demand from employers. We offer traineeships in London for the service sector, which include skills to help you work in the fields of retail and hospitality. Trainees take a 10-week course at our centre in Wembley, before going on to a work placement with companies such as BT and Harness Medical Centre.

Our industry scheme offers training at centres in the West Midlands, including an Industrial Environmental Awareness Award. After completion of a 10-week course, you will spend four weeks in a placement with an industrial company in the area, gaining valuable workplace experience.

Whether you are looking for a traineeship or an apprenticeship, Skills Training UK can discuss your options with you and help you to get on to a career path and receive the work based training you need. We don't only work with people in London, but are a national company. In addition to our own schemes, we also join forces with other providers nationwide and are expanding fast. So, whether you live in Kent, Sussex, Derby or Nottingham, contact us to discuss your training needs.

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