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Paying the Apprenticeship Levy

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Full turn-key solution maximises return on investment

If you are an employer with an annual wage bill of more than £3m then you will be paying an Apprenticeship Levy of 0.5% on payroll through PAYE.

The system is complicated and our levy consultancy will help you to understand and make best use of the funds in your Digital Apprenticeship Service online account.

We co-design and deliver large-scale bespoke Apprenticeship programmes and currently work with over 750 employer clients across England. See our Case Studies, Videos and Training Programmes.

Our highly experienced trainer assessors work alongside senior management and HR directors to upskill existing employees and train new talent in line with your business goals.

We deliver Apprenticeships training in sectors including NHS, local authorities advanced manufacturing, materials testing, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, logistics, automotive and rail.

Our Levy Consultancy Service

  • Understand how to make best use of your funds
  • Use our unrivalled knowledge and expertise to create a bespoke plan
  • Simplify your levy account administration with our co-management approach
  • Keep informed about new developments

“Programmes are very carefully planned and tailored in close collaboration with employers to meet their particular needs.” Ofsted.

Paying The Apprenticeship Levy - Use it OR lose it! Skills Training UK

More affordable than you think

Remember that the Government tops up your levy account by 10% and that the cost of training is spread across the full length of the Apprenticeship programme, with the final 20% paid right at the end.

If you wish to do more Apprenticeships than your levy pot can afford then the employer only pays 5% of the additional Apprenticeship cost, with the Government paying the other 95%.

There are also additional financial incentives for recruiting an Apprentice, which include:

  • £3,000 for each new apprentice who starts their apprenticeship from 1 April 2020 and 30 September.
  • The payment is in addition to the existing £1,000 you will already get for taking on an apprentice who is either aged 16 to 18-years-old or under 25 and has an education, health and care plan, or has been in the care of their local authority.
    • You can apply for the payments from 1 September 2020 after you add the new apprentices to your online apprenticeship service account.
    • Incentives paid in two equal instalments at 90 days and 365 days

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For a full assessment of your Apprenticeship needs, please contact us via the Get in Touch Form.

Download our Apprenticeship Levy Guide for Employers for more information.

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Levy Funded Apprenticeships with Skills Training UK

“Skills Training UK has dovetailed with our business objectives and created bespoke training that was exactly what we asked for.”             Nick Venn, Training Manager, The Bristol Port Company