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Traineeships and Courses for Adults

Our Traineeship programmes and Sector-Led Courses for Adults support employers like you to recruit new talent and fill identified skills gaps in your workforce.

Our brand of Traineeships

Traineeships are a central pillar in the Government’s plan to match young people with employers with The Chancellor recently announcing a £111 million investment to future proof the skills of our young people. Skills Training UK has been at the forefront of their design and delivery since 2013.

Employers have embraced our approach because our Traineeships relate to the sector specific skills they need and to the local employment opportunities. We also work closely with Local Economic Partnerships and Combined Metropolitan Authorities to relate our Traineeships to their identified local economic and skills priorities.

In the West Midlands our Traineeship choices include Warehousing and Manufacturing, as well as Digital Marketing, Customer Service and Business Administration. In London and the South East our Traineeship choices include Retail, Customer Service, Business Administration and Hospitality.

Our Traineeship programmes combine industry-specific qualifications with quality work experience placements, so young people aged 16-24 can develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes employers want.

Watch our video to discover why employers work with us to support young trainees:

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Employer incentives and benefits

As part of their Traineeship, each trainee needs to complete a 70 – 100  hour work experience placement, which helps introduce them to your working environment.

Employers can receive a £1,000 financial incentive for each trainee they recruit for work experience (up to ten trainees).

As an employer, these placements provide you with an ideal opportunity to give a young person an extended trial and to see their potential.

Many employers have gone on to progress their trainees into an apprenticeship/employed position after they have completed their Traineeship.

We also support employers with an interview process for work experience placements, helping to match young people with the skills your business needs. Employers are fully supported by our local teams of Account Managers and Placement Destination Officers, who will regularly visit and check the progress of your young trainees on work experience.

If your company can offer work experience or apprenticeship/employment opportunities to 16-24-year-olds, please get in touch with us at


Pathway onto an Apprenticeship

Traineeships work effectively as a pre-Apprenticeship programme. If you are interested in hiring a young trainee, we can provide on-going support by offering structured training through an Apprenticeship programme.


If your business is recruiting and would like support to find new talent in the sectors listed above, please contact


What our employer partners say…

“We have a fantastic relationship with Skills Training UK. We’ve employed several of their learners in recent years and they’ve all progressed very quickly and successfully in their roles. I’ve visited them personally and they’re all very ecstatic about their future careers.” - Aubrey Henry, Supplier Skills Manager at Transport for London

“Skills Training UK has been great at finding the right young people who want to learn and are ready for the working world. We have taken on three learners for work experience placements so far, and we hope to take on more in future.” - Emma Passmore, Hotel Manager, Premier Inn, Dudley Town Centre