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Traineeships are a central pillar in the Government’s plans to match young people with employers and Skills Training UK is at the forefront of their delivery.

We have developed two bespoke programmes, Traineeships for Industry and Traineeships for the Service Sector, which are supporting employers to recruit and fill identified skills gaps in their workforce.

For both these bespoke Traineeships, which Skills Training UK has designed to meet the emerging and growing skills needs of employers, we equip young people aged 16-24 with relevant employability skills as well as sector-specific skills during 10 weeks of classroom based learning.

"Effective partnerships with a range of local employers provide high-quality work placements for the majority of trainees. This helps trainees to develop a range of relevant skills and competencies." Ofsted

Our partnerships with employers - including BT and Halfords - are essential because each young person has a four-week work placement as part of their Traineeship.

This provides an ideal opportunity to give the young person a trial and see their potential as a possible new employee. 

Many employers have gone on to progress their trainees into an employed position from where Skills Training UK can provide on-going support with structured training through an Apprenticeship programme. 

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